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Overview and Experience of SJVN

SJVN is a well-established ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. It is multi-disciplinary organization and has acquired sufficient expertise for planning and executing Hydro Power Projects. Over a period of time as news of SJVN successes in the execution of its power projects spread far and wide, it began to receive requests from power companies in India and abroad for their technical expertise and rich experience.

SJVN's vast pool of technically qualified and managerial manpower is well supported by excellent infrastructure and knowledge management facilities to deliver the client time bound, qualitative and cost effective solutions meeting global standards.

SJVN has carried out lot many innovations during Construction and Operation and maintenance of the projects. Few of them is listed below:

  • 200 T capacity cable anchors for stabilization of hill slopes in dam and intake area.

  • DRESS Methodology (Drainage Reinforcement-Excavation-Support Solution) to tackle poor ground condition.

  • Tandem operation of NJHPS and RHPS

  • Hard coating of underwater parts of turbine and other turbine components like wear rings, guide and bushings, etc. with Tungsten Carbide powder with HVOF technique indigenous in the NJHPS Hard Coating Workshop.

Business & Financial Growth

Payments amounting to Rs.56 Lakhs, Rs. 268.00 Lakhs, Rs. 140 lakhs, Rs. 117 Lakhs, Rs. 198.79 Lakhs have been received for the financial year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively. In the current financial year 2019-20 payment amounting to Rs.723.283 Lakhs has been received till March, 2020

Specialization of SJVN Consultancy Wing

The Consultancy wing of SJVN undertakes Consultancy for Domestic and International clients in different phases of the power plants. SJVN has emerged as the acknowledged leader in Engineering, Construction, O&M, R&M and management of power projects hence is preferred for consultancy assignments.

At SJVN, we offer consultancy services related to infrastructure sector business such as:-

  • Hydro Electric Projects

  • Infrastructure projects like highway tunnels & railway tunnels ,etc

An entire gamut of services is offered in the areas mentioned above. These are:

  • River Basin Studieswhich includes Identification of Sites, Selection of Sites, Pre-Feasibility Studies, Hydrological & Hydro-meteorological Survey and Assessment, Integrated Flood Moderation study, Water Availability Assessment, Diversion Flood Estimation, Design Flood Estimation, Power Potential Studies and Power Optimization studies.

  • Detailed Survey & Investigationswhich includes Survey Works-Detailed Topographical survey & mapping, Precision survey for establishing alignments, survey control in an area spread over up to about 15 Km and Quantity survey.

  • Geological & Geotechnical Investigations Surface Geological and Geotechnical mapping, Geotechnical evaluation by Exploratory Drilling, Drifting & Trenching, Engineering classification of Rock masses, Construction Material surveys, Geotechnical Instrumentation and Geotechnical evaluation of hydroelectric project sites.

  • Design & Engineeringwhich includes Project Layout, Optimization Study with respect to Project Component, Design and Project Report Drawings for Civil, Electro-Mechanical and Hydro-Mechanical Works (Gates and Hoist), Hydraulic Transient Studies, Detailed Engineering and Specifications including Bill of Quantities for Civil Engineering Works, Electro-Mechanical and Hydro-Mechanical equipments (Gates and Hoist), Detailed Engineering Designs of various Civil Structures (Dams, Barrage, Tunnels, Power House and other Underground structures) etc. using latest software viz. STADD Pro, ANSYS, PHASE 2 etc.

  • Reservoir Studies which includes Reservoir Sedimentation Studies, Reservoir Operation Studies, Dam Break Studies.

  • Cost engineering which includes Cost estimate, Rate Analysis, Economic Evaluation of Cost, Tariff Studies, Cost Data Analysis, Pre-Tender Estimates and Evaluation.

  • Project Reports - Clearances - InvestmentDecision which includes Preparation of Feasibility Reports, Preparation of Detail Project Reports (DPR) and Expert Appraisal of DPRs already prepared by other agencies.

  • Tendering For the Civil / Mechanical /Electrical workswhich includes Preparation of Tender Documents, Prequalification of Bidders, Invitation& Evaluation of Bids, Post Award Contract Management and Settlement of Contractual Issues

  • Contract Management & Assistancein Procurement which includes Techno-Commercial Advisory Services for Procurement.

  • Equipment Planning & Management which includes Construction Equipment Planning

  • Quality Control & Assurancewhich includes Development of Model Quality Assurance Plans (QAP), Approval of QAP for Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical Works and Pre-Dispatch Inspection of Equipment.

  • Testing & Commissioningwhich includes Testing & Commissioning Method & formats and Witnessing of Site Acceptance Tests.

  • Operation & Maintenancewhich includes Long term O&M Assistance,Development of Operational Procedure & Formats for Power Plants, Civil Structures and Hydro-Mechanical equipment, Trouble Shooting, Inventory Control of Spares and Technical Inspection of Power Station.

  • Renovation, Modernization & Uprating (RM&U)of Hydropower Stations which includes Evaluation of Generating Plant, Electro-Mechanical and Hydro-Mechanical equipment, Modernization and Uprating of Hydro Power Stations Studies, Hard Coating of underwater components like turbine and other turbine components like wear rings, cheek plate guide and bushings, etc and help in Establishment of hard coat facility in the project.

  • Dam Safetywhich includes Dam Safety Review of existing dams and Emergency Action Plan.

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